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General Rules:

1. Each team will play a minimum of 3 games in pool or Bracket play.
2. National High School Federation rules will be followed with the few exceptions listed below.
Pool Play Games:
3. 3rd thru 6th grade will play two 15 minute halves. (Continuous clock) stops last minute each half.)
7th grade and 8th grade will play two 16 minute halves. (Continuous clock) stops last minute each half.)
9th grade and 10th grade will play two 17 minute halves. (Continuous clock) stops last minute each half.)
11th grade will play two 18 minute halves. (Continuous clock) stops last minute each half.)
Championship Games:
3rd thru 6th grade will play two 15 minute halves. (Continuous clock) stops last minute each half.)
7th grade and 8th grade will play two 13 minute halves. (Clock stops every whistle)
9th grade and 10th grade will play two 14 minute halves. (Clock stops every whistle)
11th grade will play two 15 minute halves. (Clock stops every whistle)
4. (In all age divisions if one team gets ahead by 15 points then clock will run except on timeouts, Technical Fouls and/or Official Timeouts) If lead is cut
below 15 points then normal rules will apply. NO EXCEPTIONS.
5. Non shooting fouls (will not shoot free throws till 10 team fouls. Then will shoot 1-1 free throws.
All shooting fouls will shoot 2 or 3 free throws.
6. Overtime periods will be two (2) minutes in length. Will get only one 30 second timeout. No carry over’s from the regulation game.
7. There will be a three (2) minute rest period between halves.
8. Teams will be allowed to call (TWO) 30 second time-out’s per half.
9. There will be a maximum of a two (2) minute warm-up period between games. The ref’s can shorten it if running behind schedule.
10. The 10-second back court rule is in effect.
11. If any gym falls behind 40 minutes then ref will play the game with a continuous clock till gym is back on normal scheduling time.
12. The first game of the day will not start before the scheduled game time. This will only apply for the first games of the day. All teams should be at their
desired playing gym 30 minutes before their scheduled playing time. Some games will be ahead of schedule.
13. All teams are expected to arrive for games prior to the scheduled start times. Arrival at game time is a forfeit. If any team is knowingly unable to make
their scheduled game, they must notify the Tournament Director in advance. In bracket play, if a team cannot advance, the losing team advances as if they
had won the previous game. Will have a grace period for Saturday’s first games with Director Approval. Tournament director has final say on all games
whether a forfeit will be issued. (Example if running behind in one gym and the team is schedule to play in another gym.)
14. Players will be allowed to play for one team only. Unless the player is participating in a different age group.
15. An athlete’s grade as of the current school year (2018-2019) determines his/her playing division. (If challenged will need a copy of player’s birth
certificate and report card to prove age and grade). Director has final approval.
16. In Pool Play the first team listed is the home team. In Bracket Play, the home team is the top team on the bracket and sits to the right of the scorekeeper
facing the court.
17. Coaches and/or players ejected from a game will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game.
18. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players and parents.
19. Tiebreaker procedure is as follows: a 1st criterion is head to head competition. If a 3-way tie exists we will use points up to 15 max. Then tie breaker
procedure reverts to head to head. If there is still a tie a coin flip will be used to determine the seating.
20. PRESSING—We are going to implement a rule for the boys & girls 4th grade and lower division only. There will be no pressing until the last 5 minutes of a
half. You can half court trap and half court press at any time. If both coaches agree to press full court from the start then it will be allowed. Once
they agree they can not change it in the middle of the game. The ref’s will ask before the game starts.
21. Score keeper and clock keeper- the coach must get a volunteer from one of his fans to keep the score book or clock during the game. No yelling or coaching
from the score table.
22. Ball size for Boys 6th grade and below is 28.5. Regulation ball for 7th grade boys thru 11th grade boys. Girls will use 28.5 ball.
23. In the event of a no show for the event, the offending team will forfeit their entry fee.